Wonderful Years of Life-changing Learning

Samana College of Design Studies, a multiple disciplinary school, was established in 2010 as a private college with four-year programs. Since its inception in Vijayawada, it has grown into one of the most famous design schools in Andhra Pradesh and has now expanded into Telangana through their branch in Hyderabad. We now offer shorter courses apart from the four year degree program in the form of diplomas.

we have 2 branches vijayawada and hyderabad
Samana Design School Vijayawada
Samana Design School Hyderabad

It is a pioneer design incubator that nurtures emerging design talent. SCDS is a hub where design is taught with passion and standards of design education are set with creative educational culture, growth of expressive skill sets, development of problem-solving capabilities and promoting design competencies. Leading companies of the fashion and interior design world recognize the value of the education we offer, as seen in our placement success.

SCDS opens many doors for you as we enjoy an excellent relationship with the fashion industry’s leading labels. These companies offer experience and training to our students through internships, and in doing so, they choose their future collaborators amongst our students. We participate every year in fashion shows at an inter-college level in order to promote student exposure and networking, since these shows have extensive media coverage and associations with industry giants. It is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase the student’s potential. All the designs and concepts are prepared by the students with guidance through the professional inputs of the faculty. At SCDS, we prepare our students in every way to meet the demands of the industry so they can be the bright stars leading the way to the future.

Hundreds of bright, ambitious students have passed through our doors, leaving a bit of themselves behind when they head off to that first job or graduate school. We are proud of the institution they helped build and continue to sustain through their support.

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Chairperson’s Note

"Design must first be felt to be expressed. At SCDS, we encourage our students to give boundless expressions to their taste, emotions & thoughts, and produce creations that have a signature of personal identity. We are not just an institution, but a vision that has taken concrete shape over a period of time.

SCDS facilitates specialization in a field while enabling interdisciplinary and cross – area erudition that affords designers the broader perspective they need in today’s professional world. This is why we are recognised as one of India’s best fashion and interior designing schools. So, no matter what career stream they choose, SCDS promises to transform their potential into a highly-rewarding career."

Our Objectives

  • To offer superior design education coupled with the latest technology related to Fashion, Interiors and Product Design.
  • To synthesize designing skills with managerial talents.
  • To build Industry-Institute interaction, creating educational and networking opportunities
  • Carrying out R & D work - so we are not only up-to-date but to raise the bar
  • Development of critical and analytical thinking skills together with ethical and social values that contribute to the development of the respective verticals of the industry.